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Many years ago, when the world was flat, but the dinosaurs had died out, the greatest wizardthe world has ever seen lived in the caves of the southern part of a land today known as Portugal, more specifically in whats now known as Algarve.

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  • zimzala surf academy

“Zimzala is a person with a free mind. Who doesn’t have a care in the world” -urban dictionary”
-urban dictionary

Many pilgrims would travel the world to come and seek his wisdom. One day a King came to visit him. He had everything in his life, power, wealth, and success…but somehow he was not happy. The wizard ZZ took the king to the cliffs and whispered to the ocean: Zimzala, Zimzalaaaa… Zimzaaalaaa!!!!!

The king who did not believe in magic, felt the need to jump in the ocean. The day after, he felt the same need, even stronger. This need, became his reason to live, letting go of everything to be a free mind, to just swim and play in the ways, jump from cliffs and sleep in beautiful caves. The myth says his ghost can still be seen in full moon nights. The wizard, still lives, and the spell of Zimzala lives with him…

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In praia da Galé in Albufeira, where the wizzard ZZ calls home, three cursed sea man, Mauro, Joao and Xico decided to open a sanctuary hoping to please him and spread this spell to more and more people in the search for happiness and the good life.




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